General Company Requirements & Policies

So you want to be a competitive dancer?

The opportunities and growth will be tremendous! You’ll gain incredible friendships and make memories that will last your entire life. It’s also important to know that dancing competitively is both a time and financial commitment. Company members are expected to attend all community events in which their company is performing, all competitions/conventions, June intensive, August intensive and a minimum of 5 in-studio workshops.

Please review these expectations below.


All competition fees and coach’s fees are based on the prior season’s average. These will be added together with required fees (5 workshops, competition costume fees August intensive and uniform fees), charged with a 10% fee to cover unexpected fee fluctuations, and divided over 11 monthly installments, to be paid in addition to tuition beginning July 1st 2019 and concluding May 1st 2020.

Your monthly payment plan amount will depend on how many and which type of dances your dancer is casted in, as well as the number of competitions and conventions we attend this season.

All dancers are required to participate in a minimum of 2 group dances – one of these routines will be practiced during your dancers’ specific level company class; the second routine will be practiced during Saturday rehearsal class. Both rehearsal classes are included with your regular tuition. Solos, duets and trios are entirely optional and casting for these specialty pieces will be determined by our staff. Specialty routines will be rehearsed on Saturdays and will be treated as a separate rehearsal class (again, included with your regular tuition). There are no additional choreography/rehearsal fees despite the number of specialty routines your dancer is in. Please note the average competition fees for each type of dance (per dancer) below.

Solos $135 Duets $60 Trios $60

Groups $57 Coaches fee (per comp/conv) $155 Convention $275


Company membership will require a uniform that is worn for local performances, competitions and conventions.

The uniform fee is $150 and is included in your payment plan. Parents are not required to purchase teamwear, however we love our company members and families to show their Studio B pride with t-shirts, hats and bags.

Please contact the studio for more information on where to purchase spiritwear.

Competition Costumes

Whenever possible we will use costumes from our inventory that can be rented, though occasionally we must purchase new costumes. New costumes are $50 each. Your costume balance will be provided to you after casting selections have been announced and will be included in your payment plan.

Workshops and Intensives

The June intensive ($150) is required to audition for company and will be paid prior to company selection. August intensive ($150) and attendance to 5 of our in-studio workshops over the course of the season ($30 each) are mandatory for all company members and will be included in your payment plan.


Whenever possible we will offer fundraising opportunities! These opportunities are optional but they can help offset the cost of tuition, costumes, competition fees, etc. Once a fundraiser is completed – you will receive credit immediately to your account. Some fundraisers we have done in the past and will put on our schedule this season include Johnston’s Meat, Carwashes, Share Nights, and Lock-Ins. We are always looking for new fundraisers so please feel free to share your ideas!

Code of Conduct

Company members are expected to uphold a climate of positivity both in class and everywhere we go.

Company members are the best representation of our program. I expect company members to set the example for our other students! Please go over the code of conduct with your dancer and sign/return.


Staying connected is imperative to receiving the most up to date information! Please make sure I have your phone number and email – and that it is an email you check daily. In addition, I have created a Studio B team on the app called Band. This will be my primary method of sending out videos, pictures, documents, and other important updates.

I expect all parents to use the Band app. Dancers are encouraged to use the app as well to rehearse their dances and access their music. If you did not receive an invitation to the app, please contact me as soon as possible.


Schedule Conflicts

Do you have any scheduling conflicts that we need to be aware of?

Please note this does not mean we can avoid them, but we will try where we can. Please understand that Studio B commitments – as a company member – should be given priority over other activities and commitments. Each dancer will be allowed 3 absences over the course of the season. Please submit all dates your dancer is not available in the Unavailability Calendar on Band no later than August 1st. We understand school events may come up after school begins – I ask that you give me those dates as soon as they become available.

Individual Company requirements

August 2019:

All company members must take the August summer intensive August 5th-10th and begin the new season classes (including rehearsal classes) the week of August 12th.  August tuition will be prorated to 3 weeks as opposed to the normal 4 weeks. Please note, dancers are always welcome and encouraged to take more than the required minimum number of classes for company. The more time spent in class and working in different genres of dance, the higher the quality of our company. If selected for a specialty dance, the dancer must take the class relating to the style of dance to which the specialty dance relates.


Junior company

must take ballet, jazz, contemporary, acro and jr company rehearsal class.

Intermediate company

must take 2 ballet classes, jazz, contemporary, acro, conditioning, and the intermediate company rehearsal class.


Advanced company

must take 2 ballet classes, jazz, contemporary, conditioning, 2 electives of their choosing, and advanced company rehearsal class.