Code of Conduct/Contract


The purpose of the Studio B Dance Company is to provide students with an opportunity to engage in performances, develop sportsmanship and character, receive outside adjudication and participate in community outreach. Participation in Company is a privilege, not a right. As a member of the Company you represent our dance program; and your conduct and actions in the classroom, on the dance floor, and in the community should not deviate from the regulations and code of conduct set forth in our Code of Conduct. Company members must show determination, dedication, and desire to be a productive member of this company.



We expect for our dancers to uphold age appropriate and respectful behavior at all times.

Blaming, criticizing, correcting, bullying, and engaging in name calling or physical violence with fellow company members or other dancers at events the company attends – despite whether or not you intend such behaviors with malice – WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  

If your actions are deemed inappropriate and disrespectful and do not coincide with this organization's guidelines you will be denied participation in this Company.


In class and rehearsals, dancers must be fully engaged in executing the material being taught or reviewed.

Talking, playing, sitting, cell phones and bad attitudes or other behavior disruptive to the team is prohibited.  A dancer will be asked to leave in lieu of any other warning.


There is a level of commitment required to be a part of the Company. You must have a desired level of commitment - not just for yourself, but for the ENTIRE company. Being in this company, you depend on all of your fellow company members to be at rehearsal consistently and do their part in having the knowledge of their routine. If at anytime you are not doing your part as a productive member of this company, you will be suspended from the Company.

Dancers in Company will be supportive, courteous, and encouraging to each other and those around them at all times.

Any person representing Studio B Dance Company will not speak negatively about our company, dancers, or those dancers and companies that we may come in contact with at performances, competitions, or other events.

Creating a climate of positivity is imperative to building strong dancers and a strong company.


Failure to follow the Studio B Dance Company Code of Conduct may result in, but is not limited to, the following actions:

∙ Probation in which the dancer is not allowed to perform any number of their dances during the probationary period *NOTE: If a dancer violates or disregards any conditions listed in the Code of Conduct while already under probation, they will be removed from company immediately

∙ Removal from company


The following situations will result in disciplinary action. There will be NO exceptions to these factors, so please read carefully.

∙ Attitude not promoting teamwork/sportsmanship.

∙ Lack of dedication/commitment being shown toward Company.

∙ Disregard for the code of conduct and the rules and guidelines governing this organization.

∙ Unexcused absences

∙ Lack of knowledge of a routine.

∙ Lack of improvement shown over time in a given routine.

∙ A dancer will not be allowed to practice/perform if an injury occurs for which that dancer is unable to perform at their normal level. Dancers will not be allowed to participate until written clearance is obtained from a doctor.


Please be advised that any deposits/money put toward tuition, competition fees, uniforms, registration fees, recital fees or costume fees is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is regardless of whether a Company member is suspended from the team or not!