Class Schedule

2019-2020 Season classes begin August 12th 2019

2019-2020 Season classes begin August 12th 2019

Class Levels

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Minis’ classes are designed for children ages 3 to 5 with little to no previous dance experience. The Mini level classes incorporate an introduction to dance class etiquette and a foundation of proper dance technique through creative exploration of movements. We use dance and music to encourage a life-long love of dance, social emotional and cognitive development, promote self-care and personal responsibility, and increase both language and gross motor skills.

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Junior (Jr) level classes are ideal for children ages 5-7 with little to no previous dance experience up to 3 years of dance experience. Our junior level classes establish the foundation of basic dance technique with emphasis on proper body placement and alignment, articulation of the legs, ankles, and feet in coordination with usage of the upper body, flexibility, balance, control, and strength. In addition, we begin working with our junior dances on the ability to perform choreography on an emotional level — all while having fun!

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Intermediate (Int) level classes are for children ages 8-12 with a minimum of 3 years of previous dance training. Exceptions can be made in regards to the number of years of previous dance training on a case by case basis. Intermediate students have a strong foundation of basic dance technique and are working towards consistent technical proficiency, a basic understanding of terminology and dance vocabulary, picking up choreography quickly, enhancing their performance quality, developing their personal dancing style, as well as learning more advanced movement skills and material.

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Advanced (Adv) level classes are for ages 12+ with a minimum of 5 years of previous dance training, as well as collegiate level adults. Exceptions can be made in regards to the number of years of previous dance training on a case by case basis. Our advanced level students possess a solid dance technique foundation and execute proper technique with consistency and proficiency. Advanced students have a thorough understanding of terminology and dance vocabulary, pick up choreography quickly, exhibit a strong work ethic, demonstrate artistry, and are well-equipped to handle challenging skills and movement concepts.


Adult level classes are for ages 18+. We offer a variety of classes to suit your level of experience. Those with extensive dance training are encouraged to take our Advanced level classes in addition to the classes listed under the Adult level.

Class Descriptions

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Ballet is the technical backbone for all forms of dance and emphasizes the development of technique, musicality, coordination, discipline and artistry. Ballet classes are devised to break down steps and properly set up the dancer to gradually advance. Please see our level guide above for the ballet classes appropriate for each level.

Acrobatics is a dance form that combines a variety of gymnastic skills with partner lifts and dance technique. This class focuses on building strength and flexibility to support the mastery of skills such as chest/elbow stands, walkovers, tricks, handsprings, aerials, etc. All skills are practiced on mats and with spotters until the skill is mastered.

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Hip hop is a combination of street dance and jazz funk. While ballet technique is not stressed, hip hop has innovative technique of its own including isometrics and dynamics. These techniques, will be explored in this high energy class. Tricks and breakdancing will also be a focus. All movements and music featured in a hip hop class are age appropriate.


Modern is a form of dance originally developed in the early 20th century as a way to rebel against the structure of ballet. Now, modern is in a technical class all on it's own and at Studio B Dance Company, we have combined this technique with complimentary styles such as Lyrical and Improvisation. This class will develop strong, creative dancers through the study of technique and improvisation with a focus on musicality, dynamics, floor-work and artistic expression.

Jazz is an upbeat, high energy dance style that incorporates many technical elements such as kicks, leaps and turns. Dancers will start with a warm up at center and move into across the floor combinations. Choreography will follow.

Glee is a show choir group which focuses on combining singing and choreography. This class will focus on music theory related to vocal instruction, reading sheet music, staging and dance. This is a perfect class for those who are primarily interested more on singing and vocal performance. No prior music experience is required.

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Musical Theater combines the fun of singing, acting and choreography into a performance. This class will focus on music theory, acting/stage terms/instructions, script memorization, reading sheet music, stagecraft/prop building, staging and dance. This is a perfect class for those interested in Broadway performance/musicals. No prior music or acting experience is required.

Pointe is based in ballet technique, but the ballerina’s weight is supported on the fullest extension of the foot. Supporting the feet are specialized pointe shoes. While the shoe supports the dancer’s weight, being proficient in ballet technique such as posture, alignment, balance, etc. is necessary. Permission is required for this class and at least one other ballet class must be taken in conjunction. 

Our tap classes teach rhythm, coordination, tap terminology, and choreography that incorporates faster and more intricate footwork, speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute to complex rhythmic combinations as the student advances in level.


Our Choreography Composition Classes teach dancers the tools and tips that will help them create their own, original choreography. 

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Private dance and vocal lessons are available upon request. Please contact us to schedule a lesson.

Dancers enrolled in our Teacher Training Program meet weekly to learn teaching methods for dance classes, how to build a curriculum and how to build lesson plans for a variety of dance genres, levels and ages. Teaching Assistants receive first aid/cpr certification, volunteer hours, and are assigned class(es) to receive hands on teaching experience. Contact us for more details and requirements.